Elon Musk-owned X, formerly Twitter, has renamed TweetDeck to XPro in an ongoing rebranding exercise of the social media service.

The company has adopted the @Pro handle instead of @TweetDeck for the tool. However, many parts of the tool, including the help page, still have “Twitter” and “TweetDeck” mentions.

The renaming is not surprising given Musk had hinted about the change last week. At that time, he had added that XPro will come with “a wide range of psy op plugins.” As it is the case with many of Musk’s posts, there were no details about what kind of plugins those might be.

Early last month, after many users were unable to access parts of TweetDeck, the company started pushing them to the new version of the tool. Later, it also announced that in 30 days, only verified users would be able to access TweetDeck. Since this announcement was made on July 4, X will expectedly make XPro/TweetDeck a paid-only feature in the next few days.

Musk & Co. has been busy with the site’s rebranding, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing. The company took over the @X handle from the previous owner without any compensation or prior notice. Additionally, Apple seemingly granted an exception to the social media company to use a single character as the app name. Typically, the iPhone maker prohibits developers from using a single-character app name on the App Store. Musk-owned company was also asked to remove the flashing ‘X’ sign from its office building after The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection received complaints about it over the weekend.


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