Tinder is currently testing an AI photo selection feature that looks at a user’s photo album and selects the five that best represents them for their dating profile, parent company Match Group revealed during its earnings call today.

“AI has really inspired our product people across the entire company to really think about ways that we can create new experiences, but also solve for key dating pain points,” Match Group CEO Bernard Kim said. “I’ll use Tinder as an example. Sometimes, people are really excited to jump into the Tinder experience…then in that exact moment where you upload five pictures, people get generally nervous or uncomfortable, like, ‘What is the right picture that I’ve taken over the last year to make my dating profile more me?’”

Kim explains that an AI-powered photo selection feature aims to eliminate the struggle of finding pictures and help build a profile that accurately represents users.

“I really think AI can help our users build better profiles in a more efficient way that really do showcase their personalities,” Kim added.

Match Group is testing out other AI features that it plans to roll out in the coming months. For instance, Tinder is getting a new capability that leverages artificial intelligence to “surface the right content to the right people to help improve relevancy,” the company wrote in its letter to shareholders.

Last month, at the Reuters Momentum event, Tinder CPO Mark van Ryswyk hinted at more ways the dating app could potentially use generative AI, such as using the technology to help write a bio.

“You know, some of us are gifted writers, but many of us are not…So, being able to help draw out what’s important to capture in a bio, you know, sharing something a bit more personal or maybe that’s just sharing a highlight, or just sharing what your intent ultimately is,” Van Ryswyk said.

Notably, Tinder found that about a third of members said they would “absolutely” use generative AI to help them build a profile, Van Ryswyk added, pointing to a recent Tinder study.

On the other hand, Match Group wants to be careful about its approach to AI dating. “We need to be really thoughtful about making sure that we’re giving the right thought to authenticity and ethical and privacy concerns,” Kim said during today’s earnings call.

Generative AI tools can be a haven for catfishers looking to harass and deceive others online. According to the Independent, UK model Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, who is dubbed the “most swiped right man,” is helping other Tinder users find love by using ChatGPT and AI to write profiles and messages. His dating service also includes photo editing to slightly improve photos.

Tinder recently rolled out an AI-powered verification feature that requires a video selfie for users to more easily determine who isn’t a bot or catfisher.

Overall, artificial intelligence has taken over online dating in recent months. New AI dating apps like Teaser AI, for example, give users the ability to chat with an AI version of a potential match before swiping right or left. Even relationship app Flamme has added a new AI-powered “Ask Me Anything” tool for users to receive dating advice. But some apps go even further off the beaten path, like AI dating sim Blush, where users can flirt with an avatar.

Tinder is also experimenting with a refreshed product experience and will soon roll out other features like prompts, quizzes and conversation starters.


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